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The Smokey Chimney might be occasionally referred to as TSC in this blog as well as in the associated social networking and other sites.


You can contact me for any queries regarding recipes, reviews etc. at pickwickcorner AT gmail DOT com or on any of the social networking sites mentioned below.

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Copyright, Terms and Conditions:

Copyright© Priya Elias 2010-2016. All Rights Reserved.

Contents of this blog including but not limited to Photos, Pictures and/or Text are my original work unless otherwise stated explicitly.

In case you are citing any contents of this site, appropriate citations and proper links to this blog are to be given. However,

1. Under NO circumstances can the images appearing in this blog/its associated social media profiles (including, but not limited to foodgawker, tasteologie, finding vegan, facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest) be copied/cropped/edited in any form/published on any platform without explicit written permission from me. The same holds for any images/text that are shared by others from this site.

2. You are NOT allowed to copy paste a recipe/part of it/part of any text in this blog and publish it elsewhere even if you are providing a backlink/credit. This is especially pertaining to aggregator/list sites, though not limited to them. 

3. You are also NOT allowed to pull feeds from the site and publish on any platform even if you are providing links/crediting the source. To put it clearly, the user has to come to this site hosted on blogger to view all contents published from this site, whether in part or full.  

Please ask first at the address mentioned above if you have any doubts.

Creative Commons License
The Smokey Chimney by Priya Elias (Priya Suresh) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Note: The original blogger address of this blog is - just in case something goes amiss unexpectedly.

Review Policies:

All reviews will be solely based on my personal experience and unbiased. Appropriate disclosures will be given as a footnote on the review post.

To see a list of previously published reviews, please see here.

Comment Policies.

I love reading your comments and feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcome and I would like to help if something didn't work out for you. However, unless you have a very valid reason for doing so, please do NOT leave any links in the comment form. Please also refrain from typing out one word comments.


Some of the links on this site pointing to external domains are affiliate links. Please note that the affiliate as well as non affiliate links pointing to external websites/resources are governed by their own privacy, cookie collection, advertisement and other policies and TSC shall not be held responsible for any of these factors.

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