Friday, 20 May 2016

Finally, it Rained!

Finally, it rained.

As I went to pick the clothes from the line, I moved as slowly as I could possibly do to soak in as much of the moment as possible. April was merciless with no rain at all and the temperatures had soared almost to forty. It was the worst summer since we had come here (and to think, there really was no great summer here, other than a mild rise in temperatures in March and April, till a few years back!)

It was hard to cook, let alone shoot or write and I let the season pass. Besides, the newspaper photos of the scorched, draught ridden areas from other states were disheartening. Most reports carried the faces - some hopeful and others a mere blank - of farmers fleeing their dried up lands in search of more promising prospects of labour work in cities.

What would you do without water.
What would you do if rain stops falling one year,
And the once rich ground beneath cries out 'no more!',
sheds the last drop of its life blood and lay parched.
What if there is no more water in pipes and reservoirs
And your animals and plants shrivel up and die?
What if there is no more water?

  1. I am sorry about the dates. A few of these posts were drafted months before and some of them won't make any sense at all (this post for instance) at this time of the year. So I am just putting the final touches and publishing with the dates intact.  
  2. The photo is an old one taken at home.

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