Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mr. Fish's Reveries

Mr. Fish was floating, basking in the glorious sun. It was a nice time of the day; early enough to catch the soothing warmth of the late morning sun, but not too late into the day for it to be too uncomfortable on the surface. One must get some sunshine, Mr. Fish has always said. The waters are pretty shadowed on most parts of the stream and it is cold and gloomy even at noon. That makes it necessary to come to the open spaces to catch the sun.

It was almost still, except for the occasional, gentle swaying caused by the ripples that a fallen leaf or another life in the stream brought about. Normally, the banks would be deserted at this time of the day, though (to Mr' Fish's dismay) today, there was that rather weak headed fluff ball of a dog and a bespectacled girl pottering on the steps that led to the channel.

He didn't mind the girl much. After all, she used to live in the old house that is right across and was generally better behaved, barring a deplorable habit of throwing stones into the water to see the ripples. Such a silly thing to do, but one can't have serenity all the time. It was the dog that worried Mr. Fish more. There was no telling when she would jump into the water and thrash about. Mr. Fish wanted to tell the dog that no one should expect to wear a fur coat and be comfortable in summer. And even if the fluff ball wanted to take a bath, it was beyond Mr. Fish's imagination why it cannot be done in a gentle manner. All this unladylike thrashing and whirling! It turned the waters murky. And it irritated Mr. Fish when the water turned murky.

It was all very calm and quiet still. Mr. Fish sighed and slipped into deeper reveries.

They have stopped cleaning up the channel now. It used to be a huge exercise back in the days. Workers removing water by a rope and drum arrangement, catching fish, clearing the stream bed, digging...People watching, excited...A noisy affair altogether. Moreover, there was always a chance of getting thrown into the land and dying a sad death or worse still, ending up in a glass jar. What a horrifying fate it would be! To be stared at and annoyed all the time... And they might feed you rice too. Blech! Why the humans cannot go and hunt some mosquitoes or some tiny creatures was beyond the fish's imagination. But all that is beside the point. The contingency, as they say, has ceased to exist. The downside was that the leaves that fell into the stream, which has long since become stagnant as the water way was blocked in some side, stayed there and rotted. It was fine as long as no one disturbed the waters. Unfortunately it is exactly what the resident fluff head does as did various dwellers of the kennel in the past.

Thrashes the water about! Mr. Fish was indignant even at the thought of this atrocity.

The sudden thrust of a white paw and the plop of a stone that fell too close for comfort roused Mr. Fish.

In a flash, he took a plunge into the deep.

There is always tomorrow.

  1. This bronze bodied fish called Tiger Panchax (which goes by the name of 'Poonjan' where I come from) is stream/river/well water fish and can survive in fresh water and brackish environments. 

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