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Couscous with Leeks and Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

I am a wide meshed sieve when it comes to remembering people's names and faces. It is as if my brain just skims through the essential details that get exchanged when one meets people for the first time and then dust them off. Needless to say, this lands me up in quite embarrassing situations. It is fine when we are back home as I normally will have someone or the other (like the Techie’s Mom) whom I can tactfully hide behind, unless it is one of those wily, insistent souls whose first question of ‘Do you know me’ (to which I would have said ‘Oh Yes, Of course!’) will always be followed by a heinous ‘Tell me who I am.’ 
Here of course, I don’t have much option other than to stare blankly at the face of those whom I must have met at least seven times before. There is a lady at church who talked to me for an hour when we met for the first time. I had to save her number as ‘HR’ (she was formerly working as an HRM) as her name totally escaped me; for two whole years. Afterwards, I lost her number.

I had to ask the Techie who it was when she and her husband met us a few months ago. (The Techie would of course remember everyone. The guy can point out other people’s childhood friends, even from a mile away. I have no idea how he does it.)
To forget is the great secret of strong creative natures; to forget is the way nature herself who knows no past and who at every hour begins the mysteries of her untiring labours afresh.
Honore de Balzac

Well there is that.

Although, I have a terrible suspicion that it is particularly vexing to those at the receiving end.

Couscous with Leeks and Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

This is another easy couscous recipe. (Remember, I have some ‘finish soon or trash’ boxes of various pantry staples – discovered on my cleaning and clearing spree.) I have made the dish vegetarian although you could easily toss some sautéed prawns into the dish when assembling it, rather than serving them on the side as suggested at the end. You can of course, use cherry tomatoes of any colour. I order in mine so I don't really have a choice on colours (and at times on quantity) and have to make do with whatever comes in the box.
(Serves 2)


The Couscous

  1. Couscous - 1 cup
  2. Vegetable Stock - 1 cup
The Buttered Leeks:
  1. Leeks, cut in half and then sliced - 3/4 to 1 cup
  2. Black Pepper, freshly cracked - 1/4 tsp. or to taste.
  3. Butter - Just enough to sauté the leeks
  4. Salt
The Cherry Tomatoes
  1. Cherry Tomatoes - 1 cup
  2. Garlic, chopped - 2 tsp.
  3. Basil, chopped - 2 tsp.
  4. Salt
  5. Olive Oil

The Couscous:

Place the couscous in a bowl. Bring the stock to a boil in a pan and add it to the bowl of couscous. Stir through and close the bowl with a lid. Allow to stand for ten minutes and then fluff with a fork.

The Buttered Leeks:

Heat up a pan and add some butter. When it melts, add the leeks, black pepper and salt to taste. Mix everything together and cook till the leeks are done. Stir once in a while.

The Cherry Tomatoes:

Heat up a pan and add some olive oil. Add the garlic and once it sizzles well and smells wonderful, add the cherry tomatoes and a sprinkling of salt. Stir to combine. After a while, the cherry tomatoes will start to burst (not violently though). I like to poke some and get some juices out – but it really is a personal choice. Once the tomatoes get done to your liking, add the basil, mix well and switch off the heat.
To Finish:

Just mix everything together. 

Serve with some garlic sautéed prawns or fish or on its own.

  1. If the cherry tomatoes are not that flavourful, you can add a dash of lemon juice or zest.


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