Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Spice Rack: Cloves

Cloves are probably my least favourite among spices. My aversion to them is mainly rooted in certain unfortunate, impromptu encounters with the spice left as whole in some dishes. Cloves are one of the boldest of spices and biting into them is not something that anyone would relish. That said however, I never skip them where they are called for. Used sparingly and along with other spices, they do have a way of beautifully flavouring some dishes.

Quite in line with their overbearing nature in terms of flavour, cloves are rather stunning to look at. Nail like in appearance, they are the full grown, but unopened dried flower buds of an evergreen tree. The buds are hand picked when they take a reddish hue and are then sun dried.
Biting into a clove was and is still a home remedy for toothache – although, I would gladly skip both the toothache and the mouthful of that fierce flavour!

  1. This is the fourth post of the Spice Series.


  1. Such lovely pics! Haha... love that first para... exactly the same! Once I bite into a clove, it spoils all my mood... ;)


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