Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Spice Rack: Cumin Seeds

I use a Meat Masala Powder (different from Garam Masala) which is a blend of seven spices for some of the dishes that I prepare and thought it would be well to put up the recipe here. But before that, I wanted to run a photo series through the spices that I use for the mix. (The series is not based on any particular order.)
So we will start off with Earthy Cumin.

The dried seed of an herb from the parsley family, this slender spice has a distinctively strong, savoury flavour and is widely used in its whole as well as powdered versions all over India. That said, I must admit it is an acquired taste for me. Back in Kerala where I come from, Cumin is used cautiously and any over use of the spice is frowned upon although other regions take a more lenient attitude towards it.
  1. The black and white photo above goes to the 153rd Edition of 'Black and White Wednesday', a weekly Culinary Photography Event created by Susan of the Well-Seasoned Cook, now organized by Cinzia of CindyStar and hosted this week by Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu. (The last time I participated in 'Black and White Wednesday' was in April for its 125th Edition. How time flies! I found that BWW is going for a Christmas break after this week. So I just had to wiggle a post in - although it deviates much from this week's theme. Sorry Lynne!)


  1. What beautiful photos (plus I love cumin seeds!)

  2. I haven't participated in bw ch either since u left :) time surely flies.
    Awesome clicks Priya.

    1. Ah really Meena? But you shoot images that are so beautiful - you should have been participating for all weeks!

      And thanks much!

  3. Hi!... Came across ur blog through the comment section of another!! Loved ur blog..…superb clicks. Will follow ur blog and will be happy if you follow me back.
    Would love if u visit my space!!

    1. Thanks a lot Padma. I will be at your space soon!


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