Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Note

I have previously been blogging at The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen (THDK) and have decided to move on. (I promise it won't happen again!) If you have been subscribed to THDK by mails/readers/other social media and would like to continue reading my posts, please sign up with the current space 'The Smokey Chimney' on a platform convenient to you. (You can find the buttons on the sidebar.) THDK will no longer be updated.  If at all any of the posts get re shot/re published, the respective pages will be redirected here to TSC.

Lastly, thanks much to all those who dropped in to check where I disappeared to. 

Hoping to see you all here,



  1. hey priya! remember me? i've returned to my icy violets kitchen blog and i'm excited to get it going again. i see you have new things in the works too! looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :)

    1. Oh Anna! I'm so glad that you dropped in. Of course, I remember you well. So sweet of you to come searching for the new blog. You are the first person to comment on TSC and I'm so happy about that! Sorry about the late reply though. It's only now that I have finally begun posting recipes here. Been quite an uphill task :) Coming over to your space now. Can't wait to see what you have over there :)


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PS: There is some issue with images (not loading) in some recipes. I would be much obliged if you can notify me of blank spaces/crossed out thumbnails in any of the posts. TIA.

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